Monday, July 18, 2011

Nationals Bound!!

5 States (6 if you count Idaho) and 30 hours later we finally arrived in Chicago! It's a good thing we LOVE to travel!! There's nothing like seeing the beauty of each State first hand!

Send Off Party For Nationals

Special thanks to all of my Friends and Family that helped make my Send Off Party a success! I feel sooooo blessed to have great people in my life that support me in everything that I do. I love you all!

4th of July Parade - Middleton, Idaho

This was my first time to attend the Middleton 4th of July parade. The weather was beautiful, and everyone was enjoying this wet-n -wild parade. It was fun to see all of the kids with their water balloons in hand waiting for a nod to say it was okay to throw them. I had a few brave kids attempt to throw balloons at me, but none were successful! (: I caught one of them and quickly threw it back at them. The kids loved that!